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Doorstep Selling

Doorstep sellers and their tactics

Not all doorstep callers are bogus. Some will be genuine sales people, but do watch out for the techniques that some shady doorstep traders may use to make a sale.

Look out for phrases which try to frighten you by suggesting your home is not secure such as:

"You have a loose tile on your roof"
"You need to have some pointing on your chimney"
"You need some work doing on your driveway"


Never say yes on the spot

Tell them you want to get a second opinion on how urgent the work is. A genuine trader will accept this. Then contact a few reputable firms and ask them to check if anything needs to be done and how much it will cost, before you make your decision.

Or they may claim to be working for an official body

"I am doing some work for the council down the road"
"I am from the gas board"


Always ask for identification

Or ask who they are working for and make them wait while you make a phone call to check whether they are telling you the truth.

Or they may try to put a time restriction on the offer

"We are only in your area this week"
"We are doing some work in the area and have a load of tarmac left over which will go off if we don’t use it"
"I can only let you have it at this price if you sign now"
"You will get a discount or a free gift if you sign now"


Ask for time to think about it

You may well get the same offer if you ring back a few days later.



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