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Donít get caught by unsolicited phone calls from firms selling office stationery supplies.

A favourite ploy is to trick staff into thinking that an order has been placed before, and that the call is a routine re-order. The goods are then often supplied in much greater quantity or at much higher prices than agreed on the phone.

Watch out for small print in contracts relating to the supply of equipment such as photocopiers, shop fittings, security systems and fire extinguishers.

Some contracts may be lease agreements with high penalties for withdrawal, or might tie you in to long term maintenance deals at high annual costs.


Our advice:

Alert your staff to telephone conmen. Try to make sure that there is a clear system in place for this sort of unsolicited call so that they get put through to someone in authority.


Check paperwork, including small print, very carefully. If you are unsure about any contract term or its implications, ask your solicitor or accountant.