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Legislation Alert!

From 1 October 2014, much of the legislation covering the storage and dispensing of petrol at filling stations and the domestic storage of petrol will change. The Petroleum (Consolidation) Regulations 2014 have made a number of significant changes. The biggest change is that Petroleum Licences will be replaced by Petrol Storage Certificates.


The following information covers the new regulations.


I currently have a petroleum licence, what do I need to do?

Your petrol licence will remain valid until its expiry date. We will contact you about 4 weeks before this date with details of how to convert your petroleum licence into a petrol storage certificate. However, you will need to notify us if:

  1. You want to make a “prescribed material change” to the site, or

  2. You want to transfer the licence to another person,

In which case your petroleum licence will cease and you will need to apply for a storage certificate.


When is a storage certificate required?

To run a business where petrol is stored for dispensing directly into the fuel tank of an internal combustion engine or any other container – or where large amounts of petrol are stored for private use – you need a petrol storage certificate. If you currently have a petroleum license, you are entitled to have this converted into a petrol storage certificate.


How long does a storage certificate last?

A storage certificate does not have a set expiry date. It remains valid until a prescribed material change is made or until the dispensing premises ceases to be used for the keeping of petrol for a continuous period exceeding 12 months.


How to apply for a storage certificate

If you currently have a petroleum licence, we will contact you a month before it is due to expire with details of how you can covert this into a petrol storage certificate.

If you are planning to build a new petrol filling station or are considering making material changes to an existing petrol filling station, please contact us to discuss this. A fee is payable for the storage certificate.


I’m planning to make alterations to my petrol filling site. What do I do?

Whether you have a petroleum licence or a petrol storage certificate, you will need to provide us with details of any prescribed material changes at least 28 days before they are due to take place.


I am planning to sell the site. What do I do?

A petrol storage certificate is issued to the site, not the owner of the site so it remains valid when you sell the site. However, the regulations require that you tell us at least 28 days before you leave the site that you intend to so do. The new occupier of the site also need to tell us at least 28 days before they take over the site.



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